Safety and Reliability

MOREVIA is the system with a high security level. Double communication lines, industrial protocols for data transmission, the best equipment, double power supplies – all this provides stable and secure system work 24/7/365.

The automation and technology concept.

MOREVIA system is based on the DMVK Tech technologies. The equipment and software configuration is chosen individually for every vessel.  Only high quality equipment is applied for the system operation:  Siemens and Mitsubishi controllers, distributed peripheral modules Wago, Phoenix Contact, Crevis. All equipment is licensed by Lloyd, DNV, BV. Profinet, Profibus, Modbus RTU/TCP are used as communication protocols. Moreover, in order to replace existing systems, we offer new generation communication: SHDSL modem, which sets up Ehternet TCP/IP network based on available sturdy shield cables.

A module approach to the system configuration allows reduction of time and costs for installation and further extension and maintenance. It is possible to start modernization with the budget alarm system and in the future expand it to the complete vessel control system. Existing cables and sensors are used in order to reduce installation time and cost.

The controller Siemens S7-1500 is at the core of the system. The ultimate power of Siemens S7-1500 Advanced Controllers provides maximum quality and performance. Communication between the main controller with the stations of distributed periphery is provided by the double-ring network. Local controllers can be used for management and control of critical equipment. In the usual mode, the local controller gets commands from the main controller, but in a case of emergency, for example, in a case of total connection break, it can operate independently, providing stable and secure operation.

An operator controls the system operation with operator panels or touch-screens. The system control is fulfilled in a touch-screen mode but it is also possible to control the system with a trackball or numeric pad. The control of the critical equipment (the Main Engine, Diesel Generator, etc.) is duplicated by a physical keyboard. A number and position of panels are almost unlimited. A big advantage is that all panels are programmed in the same way and all information is available at any amount at any station (if other is not required according to the information access policy), that provides easy and secure system control.

The system MOREVIA provides an option of remote administration. With the Internet access on board, engineers from DMVK Tech can remotely control the system, hold diagnostics, make changes to the equipment control software on the customer’s request, make updates and corrections. The remote access security is guaranteed by the encrypted 192-256 bit VPN channel, a connection to which is possible only with a physical access key (the access key is provided only by an engineer of DMVK Tech. On the customer’s request, a duplicate key can be provided).

The system logs all alarms and activities for history and further analysis by the crew. Information about crucial events or daily reports can be sent to the head office or superintendent by e-mail.

Safety and Reliability.

MOREVIA is the system with a high security level. Double communication lines, industrial protocols for data transmission, the best equipment, double power supplies – all this provides stable and secure system work 24/7/365.

Local controllers provide operation of the main equipment, even in a case of the total connection break with other modules (for instance, if communication cables are damaged).

Diagnostic system continuously checks the operation of separate units, sensors and the whole system in general. In a case of equipment damage or connection break, the ship crew is informed immediately by the visual audible alarm system and a message on the operation panel.

Cost optimization.

The module system MOREVIA allows reducing cost and time for equipment installation.

  1. Application of distributed periphery allows installing communication stations close to the managed equipment to reduce cable cost.
  2. Use of existing cables for the high-speed and secure network organization also reduces the cost significantly.
  3. The system Modem-Coupler-IO allows reducing  the cost of IO modules extremely comparing to competing systems, where each module is a separate communication station. This also reduces Input/Output report time and provides more stable communication.
  4. The main advantage of the system MOREVIA – a possibility of step-by-step modernization of the ship automation system during planned maintenance that leads to less financial expenses.  The updated system work security and the ship operation in general increase greatly.

Installation and commissioning.

The module structure MOREVIA allows replacing existing modules with the new modules as soon as possible. Small size of the equipment usually allows application of existing switchboards and circuit boards. The controller capacity provides changes to the automation software without stopping management and control processes.

Operation and maintenance.

MOREVIA system touch-screen operator interface uses operator panels or touch-monitors. Simultaneous operation with a trackball, numeric pad and physical buttons is also possible. The minimum possible configuration includes one operator panel and one monitor with a server computer. The maximum possible number of monitors and operator panels is almost unlimited and is determined by reasonable needs and requirements of the Maritime Register. For example, control and data display of the critical equipment (such as the Main Engines or the main Diesel Generators) should be duplicated.

Each monitor provides the whole information about the system and entire control that guarantees reliability and security of working process even with one working monitor. Interface is designed for each vessel individually. Mnemonic schemes provide clearly understandable operation that helps to reduce training time.

Local operator panels (7-9 inches) can be installed for the critical equipment to provide the critical equipment control even in a case of connection break with other stations.

 Distributed periphery Input/Output modules have optical isolation between outputs and communication channels. This provides stable work and module diagnostics even in a case of some problems with the sensors.

If the I/O module fails, this will not affect operation of the whole system; it is enough to switch off only one communication station. It takes only 1-3 minutes to replace the IO module. Separate configuration is not needed. The modem or Profinet-coupler can be replaced in 3-5 minutes but it needs  configuration. The configuration can be carried out by the crew or remotely. We are sure to say that the system MOREVIA failure is almost impossible and we haven’t got any cases till this moment.

Refit and retrofit solutions.

MOREVIA systemis a logical choice when replacing the existing machinery automation or management system. MOREVIA is a perfect start for the further system extension without big expenses.

Our system can replace any existing system using both standardized sensors and proprietary signals (for instance, AUTRONICA).

To make sure all refit installations are successful, we follow a necessary procedure:

  1. Site survey. Our specialists carry out a site survey and prepare a site report. The report contains the current state, a detailed modernization plan, applied equipment and cost analysis. This report is a basis for the service contract.
  2. Engineering. The design plan is fulfilled in accordance with the customer’s requirements and is provided for the customer approval.
  3. Installation. The system is installed while the vessel maintenance or during docking. The system is installed by our own team of engineers or by the customer’s staff under supervision of our engineer.
  4. Commissioning and training. Our team of engineers along with the customer’s staff make sure the system works properly. The ship crew is trained properly, the Customer gets all manuals and electric circuits.